I worked as a youth worker and pastor and then as a tutor to children whom had learning difficulties. I am a mother of two amazing, busy and independence seeking children, one who is also differently abled.

Whilst being involved with children I was exposed to a variety of parenting techniques and methods, most, punitive in nature. None of which seemed to build the children up, but rather focused on obedience and fear. It was only when I met my husband and his family that I truly discovered that raising a child without punitive actions not only leads to successful adults, but adults who are consciously aware of the world. Adults who are not afraid to hear their own voices. Adults who believe in respect not based solely on age or title. They are creative problem solvers and their relationships with each other and the world is healthy and connected, you feel safe.

In South Africa there are very limited resources available for parents who would like to raise their children in non-punitive ways. I have developed courses aimed at raising children into adults who are well rounded, emotionally developed and peaceful. Adults who consciously engage with their world with kindness, grace and determination. It is designed to help parents understand their children a bit better, engage with them and foster a relationship of trust, love and respect. The program is called C3 Parenting or Conscious, Creative, Connected Parenting.

Educational background:

I have obtained two Honours degrees in Theology. Practical theology (Counselling) and Missiology. I have also completed a certificate in Neuroscience for parents – How to raise amazing kids. I am a qualified facilitator of Arise Family’s Finding Feelings (Grade 1 & 2) and Fierce – Self-Esteem programme for Teen Girls programmes.

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