One of those awkward parenting conversations

Often parents make the statement “It is my child, and I am the parent.” The heart of the statement is that it is meant in love and responsibility.

Unfortunately, in the majority of the time the statement is made in context of ownership and control. We may be the parents of our children, but they are not our property.

We don’t even realise we view our kids that way. That view has subtle ways of showing itself. When our children insists on doing things their way, or when they do their job as a child by pushing a boundary. It awkwardly steps into the conversation of discipline when laws are put into place to protect children from harm. The most common way it steps into the conversation is when we step into a power struggle with our kids.

If we as parents have to enforce the idea that we are the adults and in control to our kids, we have already lost our authority.

Children are whole human beings who does not need to be controlled, or shown who is the person in control. Parenting becomes increasingly more difficult if the aim is to control the child and their behaviour. Seeing a child as a human being needing guidance first and foremost, will eliminate the need to control their actions.

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